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ZO Skin Health Ossential Stimulator Peel Neutralizer & Extraction Prep (960 ml / 32 fl oz)

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ZO Skin Health Ossential Peel Neutralizer Treatment is one of the components in the peeling procedure ZO Peel Neutralizer. Peel Treatment will allow solving a number of problems, including passing rehabilitation period after peeling procedure with minimal losses. Peel Treatment not only recovers skin, but also helps to stop peel action. It is known that peeling continues its impact for three- four days after the procedure. At that, it is not permitted to wash the face after peeling with water.

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The most important advantage of Peel Treatment is that it is designed to stop the action of the chemical peel. It deactivates the action of the acid and stops the peel from further penetrating. Furthermore, Peel Treatment cools and calms the skin after peeling procedure. Ringing off the peel with water is not as effective as using Peel. Product prevents the peel from going further, calms irritated skin and helps to return the skin to its normal pH Level. The Peel has a smooth, silky consistency that just easily glides on the skin at the same time deactivating the acid and providing instant comfort. If you plan on conducting a peel this product is an ideal solution to restore the skin.

Ossential Peel Neutralizer is applied to the entire area that was treated with the peel. You can experience a warming feeling as the Peel returns the skin to its natural pH. This feeling will last up to 10 seconds and then dissipate very quickly. Once the peel is completely neutralized, it is removed by cleansing with the Offects Hydrating Cleanser.

ZO Skin Ossential Peel Neutralizer is a formula of gel texture with sodium-hydrocarbonate natrium which will rapidly and efficiently normalize the level of pH skin after peeling procedure. The product guarantees complete neutralization of acid activity.