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Eminence Soothing Chamomile Tonique (4.2 oz)

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A deactivator for use with enzyme, glycolic and lactic peels contains chamomile, licorice and lavender for pacifying and soothing actions blended with comfrey root, an antioxidant and emollient to relieve skin loaded with aloe vera to deliver moisture skin appears calm, supple and sleek perfect for all skin types.
  • Contains calming herbs including lavender
  • Restores skin to a neutral ph after peels
  • Evens out skin tone; Rich in bioflavinoids

Apply with cotton pads to neutralize peel products. Follow with damp sponges and cool water.
Chamomile Tea, Comfrey Root Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerine, Wild Chamomile, Sodium Bicarbonate, Licorice Root Extract, Arnica Extract, Licorice Spice Tea, Pumpkin Pulp Puree Juice, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil.