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Cala Oil Blotting Sheets (50 Sheets)

by Cala
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Cala Oil Blotting Sheets (50 Sheets): These sheets let you easily remove excess facial oil and shine without smudging your makeup. It controls shine on skin and leaves a fresh complexion. Cala Oil Blotting Sheets are made with microporous film that absorbs more oil than paper does.
  • Removes shine caused by oil on skin without smudging makeup.
  • Controls shine, leaving a fresh complexion.
  • Great for on the go.
  • Made with microporous film.
  • Absorbs more oil than paper.
  • Easy pop-up dispensing package.
  • Includes 50 sheets (3.5 in x 2.5 in).

Before first use, open package lid and peel off sticker on inside panel. For easy pop-up dispensing, press lid down and lift up to remove each sheet. Gently press blotting sheet on skin to remove excess oil and shine from face.
Polypropylene Mineral oil, 3, 4-Dimethylbenzyl-idene Sorbitol, Zinc Stearate, Ultramarines.